Friday, June 20, 2008

Sorry Fans

Sorry fans I have been busy. I had a sleepover, family outting, and a party to go to go to go tell you a crazy story tommorow bye

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Does he like me?????

Ok well last night I was at a restraunt for my freinds birthday. So I gave him his present and turns out he loves it. Any ways I went out to my car and triped over a bat (kids came from a baseball game were there). But almost close to the ground James Napier cought me and said "are you alright" "cauise if your not I will stey with you every moment so that nothing harmfull can get to you." And then he looked at me and brought his lips way close to me so I pretended to fall again because I was freackin out here. Anyways theres a crazy but ture story about me and one of my best freind James Napier.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Emma Lahana Bio, Trivia, & Quotes

I attended the premiere of She's The Man with boyfriend Brandon Jay McLaren, who was in the film.
I appeared at Power Morphicon 2007, the first ever Power Rangers Convention, which took place from June 22 to June 24 in Los Angeles.
I will make my film debut in the 2007 film Alien Agent playing Julie.
Songs I Recorded (before CD was cancelled):Freak You Out, Patiently, Just Words,Emerald City, Don't Let Lonely Grow, and Crawl
I planned to release her debut CD in late 2006/Early 2007, but pulled out of the deal to pursue a career in acting.
I played Fiona in the Disney Channel movie You Wish.
In the Power Rangers S.P.D. episode "History", My character Kira had moved to New York in order to start a recording career. This actually happened in real life as well.
Two of the songs the were supposed to be on her now cancelled CD were performed on Power Rangers Dino Thunder.
I own a Les Paul guitar (which she affectionately named Bob) and a Fender Strat (once belonging to a guitarist from The Ventures). And my autographed Ashton Acoustic guitar sold on eBay for $815.
I love the local Guitar Center and her Ugg boots.
Growing up, I had a crush on Bob Saget (From Full House) and I still enjoy those "aaaw factor moments."
My favorite band is The Beatles. My musical inspirations include: The Beatles, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, The Police, James Taylor, Bonnie Rait, Dave Matthews Band, Eva Cassidy, Jeff Buckley, Johnny Clegg, Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan.
I hate Pepsi.
Although I shares similarities with Kira, I wasn't too fond ofher hair on the show and would never wear as much eye-makeup in real life.
I used to write fake letters from my parents to the P.E teacher to get me out of class. He believed it every time!
I own a Red New Zealand car and plans to buy a silver one in the states.
I am 5' I am currently dating Brandon Jay McLaren, who plays Jack On Power Rangers S.P.D.
Itried out for the role of Tori on Power Rangers Ninja Storm.
I appeared in Street Legal, a popular NZ show, as Kat Ball in 2003 as a guest character.
Emma Kate Lahana (ME) was born in Auckland, New Zealand on June 27, 1984. I became involved in the arts at a very young age doing ballet and broadened her dancing to jazz, tap and modern styles. I also learned to play the violin but once in high school became involved in drama as well as singing. I picked up an interest for the guitar which was show in some of her TV show appearances. It was here that I auditioned for a long running New Zealand TV soap, Shortland Street and was surprised to be given the part of Erin Kingston which she played for 2 seasons after leaving in 2001. I performed in many lead roles in musicals for ACMT. In 2002/2003 I starred in the Disney movie "You Wish" as Fiona. In 2002 I tried out for the role of Tori on Power Rangers: Ninja Storm but lost to Sally Martin. I tried out for the show again a year later and landed the role of Kira Ford, the musician/rebel and Yellow Ranger. She appeared in a total of 40 Power Rangers episodes (38 Dino Thunder & 2 S.P.D.). After Dino Thunder she went to New York City to record her debut album. She returned to New Zealand to film the two episodes of Power Rangers Dino Thunder/S.P.D. team-up episodes. After that, she returned to New York City and later Vancouver, Canada to finish the album, which, due to my choice I planned to release her debut CD in late 2006/Early 2007, but pulled out of the deal to pursue a career in acting.
Emma: Whenever I had to do the Ptera Scream I felt like an idiot. Obviously the sound effects and yellow sound waves were added in after, so I just kinda had to thrust myself foward and open my mouth wide and pretend I was screaming. Yeah, definitely felt pretty stupid.
Emma: I had a crush on Bob Saget. All the other girls loved Uncle Jesse, and I loved Bob Saget, proof of my 'unique' taste in guys
Emma: I live in my ugg boots...I should set up camp in there.
Emma: Why is a sitting room called a sitting room when you do more than just sit? If there was a specific room designed merely for sitting would that not be a waste of space?
Emma: Don't hate, appreciate!
Emma: Kick ass and leave a footprint!
Emma: I used to write fake letters from my parents to the P.E teacher to get me out of class. He believed it every time!
Emma: If I could pick anyone to go on a date with from Power Rangers, Can I go alone? Or can I take a monster? The t-drone furthest to the left during my fight scene in episode 14.

Emma Lahana

Hey Guys Its me Emma! MY birthday is comming up Yeah! Well I was told by one of my best friends James Napier told me about Blogger while at dinner last night with a cupple of friends and so far Love it. James Napier dared me to get up on the table and sing Freack U Out and i did. Turns out everyone loved it! So i had a blast. I will be on almost every day so check it out ask questions and enjoy!!!!!! ... Don't hate, appreciate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All Ya'll fans U rock!